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Psi Sigma Psi

Women's Sorority at Alfred State College



When your son or daughter is considering pledging we ask you to keep an open mind about it. Greek life is not how it is portrayed in movies and is now regulated, unlike it was years ago. Many decide to pledge for that family away from home, which can be very helpful in the transition into college life.

The connection that every sister of Psi Sigma Psi has is unlike any other.  As sisters, we feel that we are equal to each other and that we balance each other out. We have an everlasting love for each and every sister, including those that came before us and those that will come after us. We consider it an honor and priviledge to wear the letters and crest of our house because we know that we have worked hard and deserve it. We are constantly striving for knowledge and seek wisdom from those that came before us. As sisters, we protect each other and will alwaus help a sister that is in need.

As sisters, we are responsible for financing the majority of our activities that we sponsor. Pledges are responsible for paying a partial initiation fee which is half of the member fee. After initiation we require a new sister to pay the other half of her dues for the semester. Each sister is required to pay dues each semester to the house. These dues help support house functions such as rush events, pledging activities, and mixers with other Greek organizations on campus.

We ask sisters to commit a portion of their time to the sorority which includes attending house meetings, Greek Senate meetings when needed, community service activities, campus sponsored events, and social events. We feel that it is important for pledges and sisters to build community so we have designated a number of hours of community service to be completed.

We feel that education is the most important commodity to have so we put that before anything else. We do our best to work around a student's schedule and encourage them to come to us for help with classes or time management. Pledges and active sisters are responsible for completing a designated number of library hours which must consist of educational work.